Damjan Zabovnik

Damjan Zabovnik is a world known designer of streamlined bicycles. During his long career he has redefined the concept of speedbike and what is possible to achieve with human power.

Damjan works as a professional bike designer. His latest design, Eiviestretto, is the current world record holder in 1 hour time trial (91.556 km/h).

  •  designer: Eiviestretto, world record bike (with rider Francesco Russo, co-designers Francesco Russo and Leon Plestenjak)
  • designer of spedbikes:  Eivie I (co-designers Rado Kikelj, Matjaz Leskovar, Leon Plestenjak), Eivie II and Eivie III (co-designer Gregor Veble) 
  • rider: 128,71 km/h over 200m – flying start (personal best, 4th fastest in the world), Battle Mountain, Nevada, 2014: Damjan Zabovnik + Eivie IV
  • rider: 200 meters flying start, current low-altitude world record 107,2 km/h, Dekra Test Oval, Germany, 2009: Damjan Zabovnik + Eivie II
  • rider: 87,123 km in one hour – standing start (world record at the time), Dekra Test Oval, Germany, 2008: Damjan Zabovnik + Eivie II
  • rider: 88,73 km in one hour – standing start (personal best), Germany, 2010: Damjan Zabovnik + Eivie III
  •  builder: Eivie I (90%), Eivie II (90%), Eivie III (80%), Eiviestretto (70%), Eivie IV (95 %)