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2014-09-12 – morning

Matt Hei donated an aroma therapy and massage last evening, Joze Krizan cooked a very good pasta. I slept well in the room that John Weaver donates to us.

The morning was very nice and calm and the bike handled best of all bikes that I ever have ridden here in Nevada! With moderate power I could achieve more than 121 km/h. There are three more runs available, today evening, tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening.

This is very good time to donate some more, people from all around the world, PLEASE! We are doing this on a very low budget, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you the numbers. I can improve the speed more if I have a better financial situation. Thanks a lot!

(The picture is from yesterday evening)

2014-09-11 – evening

This was a breakthrough. If the bike was stable in heavy winds (860ft/min=16km/h), then something must have been changed. Maybe I got used to the bike and relaxed. Looking forward to a run in little or no wind. Today’s evening speed of Eivie IV was around 108 km/h!

2014-09-11 – morning

This morning I managed to go through timing area with speed of approximately 112 km/h. Before I had at least 113 km/h. Needless to say the power needed for that was still very low compared to what I am trained for. Wobbling makes me frustrated, we try to improve the bike stability. Too bad I didn’t mount an electric motor on my bike at Dekra Test Oval, to be able to go 140 km/h there and check if Eivie IV is stable at that speed too. I’m sure we are going to fix the problem till WHPSC 2015. It is very important to be here, get new experiences, learn from others etc., so I’m glad to be here.  The event runs relatively smoothly and I have never crashed. We are not finished yet.

2014-09-10 – evening

I did my personal best with Eivie IV again: around 109 km/h. It was heavy headwind and I was pedaling with little power. The bike handled better than I expected previously. The limit speed for this bike must be much much higher, I just don’t know when everything will be in tact for that.

(Photo: Bas de Meijer) The picture was taken previous day in the evening.

2014-09-10 – morning

The morning runs were delayed and the wind picked up a little bit. My run was not in legal wind. Too slow for this fast bike. I need to figure it out how to make bike control more user-friendly.

2014-09-09 – evening

I did a safe run in heavy and not continuous wind. Everybody was slow so was I. In the second heat when I was, it was really dusty.

(Photo: Joze Krizan)

2014-09-09 – early morning

Yesterday evening the chain came off at 103 km/h. We were working on the bike late in the night. It is a new morning, new opportunities now.

(Photo: Bas de Meijer)


I successfuly qualified today. There were timing problems so we started later and I pedaled very gently, not to be surprised with a possible blow of wind. Around 101 km/h on a 2-miles run-up, not too bad. Launching and catching were perfect.


This is how you pack a bike for transatlantic flight. We fly tomorrow. Hello America!


Both of my Eivie IV rear wheels got small sprockets on again – for high speeds!