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I sell signed T-shirts from Battle Mountain, Nevada – WHPSC 2015.  Male and female tailored, different sizes. Price: 18€ / $20.

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Battle Mountain, Nevada. Damjan sets his personal best 128,755 km/h (80.005 mph). This put him on the second place in the category men, single rider. It is Slovenian speed record and the fastest on Earth for designer-builder-rider in one person. The deraileur shifted from 1st gear directly to the 3rd gear, so 3rd gear was used all the way from 50 km/h to 129 km/h in the last run. Plus the last part of that fastest run was made on a flat rear tire and he lost control over the Eivie 4.2 speedbike and crashed it 300 meters after the timing area in his final Saturday evening run. Damjan is OK, bike needs a new shell. The team will try to attend in the next year again if they get sufficient support



I registered for the WHPSC 2015 race, as the modification of Eivie IV(Eivie 4.2) is close to be finished.



The Eivie IV modification is in the process.


A new video:


Damjan Zabovnik’s fastest run ever:


One of the runs, not the fastest one at WHPSC 2014 (the fastest was 129 km/h):

2014-09-13 – evening (read it “night”)

We are still partying. Steve Nash of the Varna team (on the picture) repaired surface of the Eivie IV fairing for free. This is great sport and community that lives for it. I am proud to be a part of it. I could rest before the evening run as much as I wanted. Today I finally got in the third evening heat,  that statistically means the best chance for legal records. The run was fast, but at the sprint I felt that my legs still didn’t recover fully from my morning run and previous days. 128,7 km/h! It was like in the dreams. And I know now that the world record is quite reachable the next year.


2014-09-13 – morning

I was sleepy and tired from work and racing in the week (we used all possible runs, morning and evening and just one run was cancelled due to heavy wind). But, i did what I had to do to improove my rankings. So I went 126 km/h and more in this cold early morning.

Thank you so much for your donations!!! Without you I would be even more exhausted and worried.

2014-09-12 – evening

I accelerated fast, compared to Rik Houvers who went almost fast enough for the world speed record.  I was only 2 km/h slower at distances 1km, 2km, 3km and 4km after the start (We made comparison of our speed graphs later). When I made comparison with a simulation that I did before WHPSC 2014, the graph matched very well or was even above my planned speed to get the world speed record.

After good 4 kilometers I lost the chain from the chainring as I tried to shift from 4th to 5th gear too abruptly.  We went back to the start on deck in the 3rd heat, but couldn’t go, as all 5 riders started with no delay. I just improved the gearing and believe the chain will not come off like today again.

P.S. : On the graph GPS added 200 meters as an error, when I was packed into the bike for 11 minutes.