Eivie IV

Designed by Damjan Zabovnik and co-designed by Gregor Veble in 2012-2013, built in 2013 for Damjan Zabovnik (mainly by Damjan Zabovnik).



Key features:

  • CdA = 0.0083 m2 in conditions with not wind at all  (for 172 cm tall Damjan Zabovnik)
  • Cranks length 120mm
  • rider goes backwards (again), head first and lying on his back and uses a mirror for navigation
  • Driving wheel is in front of the cranks
  • Front/rear division of the fairings
  • Push-rod steering
  • 20″ front wheel, 25.5″ rear wheel (Eivie 4.1, 2013-2014)
  • 20″ front wheel, 20″ rear wheel (Eivie 4.2, 2015-…)


In the beginning of June 2013 we started with production.  3D center company made moulds out of MDF material, using a CNC machine. Pipistrel company provided almost all the needed building material. Damjan Zabovnik built almost everything by himself later, except of  gearing parts (SAN DOM), rear wheel axle (Delavnice srednje šole Črnomelj),  chainring (LECAD),  windshield and mirror (Akryltech), front wheel (Strugarstvo Smrtnik), paint job (Avto-Glinšek), small aluminium parts (Waltech), tyres (FMB), pedals, chain, rear wheel cassette and bearings.

He used help of Aleksej Dolinšek and Martin Skubic in the building process when needed.

Monocoque  vehicle with parts glued on the thick honeycomb fairing walls.

The bike was tested at Dekra Test Oval, Germany and at WHPSC 2013, Battle Mountain, Nevada. Damjan Zabovnik together with assistants Rok Milenković, Jože Križan and Oliver Lehtonen tried to get everything right in the last month before the WHPSC 2013 and during that race, but there was lack of time.


The vehicle has a big speed potential, that will be proven in the next season.