Designed By Damjan Zabovnik and co-designed by, Gregor Veble, Leon Plestenjak and Francesco Russo in 2010, built in 2011 as upgrade of Eivie III for Francesco Russo.


In 2010 Damjan Zabovnik and Francesco Russo joined together to build a streamliner and brake the One-Hour-World-Record. Exactly one year after they set the World Record.

Key features:

  • Eiviestretto (Eivie + Ristretto)
  • CdA = 0.015m2 (for 182 cm tall Francesco Russo)
  • rider goes backwards (again), head first and lying on his back and uses a mirror for navigation
  • Cranks length 145mm
  • Cranks and driving wheel share the same axle
  • redesigned transmission
  • push-rod steering
  • 20″ front wheel, 28″ rear wheel

Graph from the world record run, Dekra Test Oval, Germany 2011.



The cooperation between Damjan Zabovnik and Francesco Russo started after Dekra WochenEnde event 2nd August 2010.

At dinner together they made a deal. Francesco knew that without a new design he couldn’t be competitive any more, and what other design was better than Eivie III? Damjan knew that his own knees were getting too abused to continue racing and Francesco is a strong recumbent rider, who impressed Damjan with his determination before. So why not to join and relieve financial stress at the same time?

Leon Plestenjak designed new steering mechanism and fabricated mould for the front wheel.


Francesco came from Switzerland to Slovenia twice. One time they measured his body.

The other time it was after Damjan made a prototype for him. He learned to drive that prototype (which goes backwards) in Damjan’s assistance and accepting his advices in two days only!

Damjan redesigned transmission, cosulting Dean of Faculty of mechanics Ljubljana, Dr. Jože Duhovnik. The chainring was bigger than that from Eivie III, so Dr. Jože Duhovnik had to design another one. It was fabricated at LABOD by prof. Janez Kopač.

In the meantime sponsor VonRoll Infratec, Francesco and company fabricated plugs and moulds for the fairing and finally the fairing.

At the same time Francesco trained hard, as that was his most important duty in the project. Damjan did all the other main parts in Slovenia. Modelarstvo Miketič was very important partner, who machined some vital parts of the transmission, again. In the spring 2011 Damjan visited Switzerland for good 10 days. He glued the transmission and steering mechanism with wheels inside the shell precisely. He attached handlebar, made a head support, glued a mirror, glued the tubular tyres, grinded everything needed so that bicycle shoes could move inside when pedalling and wheels had enough of clearance, arranged good fitting of fairing halves. Damjan has a very good time management, skills and try&error experiences in this sport, so he could work very efficiently. Also Francesco’s ideas, availability and work contributed a lot. Francesco also payed for all what sponsors didn’t pay and for a lot of Damjan’s work. It soon all got a close to final shape and Francesco could drive Eiviestretto first time at Interlaken airport.

The team tested the bicycle at Dekra test oval a month later. The steering connection had to be tweaked, minor details improved. There were still stability problems so Damjan implemented his ideas of steering connection and another solution for stability improvement the next time in Switzerland. He perfected the surface so it could be painted.

The venting system, windshield and more was added. From Switzerland the team went to Dekra again.

Francesco was very happy with driving characteristics. After final tuning it was ready for breaking the One-Hour World Record. It came true on 2nd August 2011 at Dekra WochenEnde event, after outstanding performance of Francesco, despite the team had to wait for good weather conditions for five days in the row and that can be very exhausting, especially for the athlete. At the same place at dinner, the same date, they celebrated success. Strong emotions of gratitude and happiness were present inside the team for a long time after.

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