Eivie III

Designed by Damjan Zabovnik and co-designed by Gregor Veble in 2009, built in 2010 for Damjan zabovnik.

Key features:

  • CdA = 0.0125m2 (for 172 cm tall Damjan Zabovnik)
  • Cranks length 120mm
  • rider goes backwards (again), head first and lying on his back and uses a mirror for navigation
  • Cranks and driving wheel share the same axle
  • Cable steering
  • 17″ front wheel, 26″ rear wheel


It all started with help of Gregor Veble, head of research of Pipistrel company. He helped with design and 3D aerodynamics analysis. Later Pipistrel made the Plug of the fairing.

Damjan Zabovnik finalized the plug. He designed the transmission and made it real. The idea of having pedals on the same axle as driving wheel comes originally from Georgi Georgiev’s camera trike. The molds were built by Rotobox company. Damjan Zabovnik built almost everything by himself later.


But Monocoque vehicle needed a painter and a welder, what Damjan is not. It needed a chainring, that was job of Duhovnik company.

It needed also machining of Modelarstvo Miketic company. Akrapovic company helped with titanium venting tubes. Ekstundo company made a special “e-hub” transmission hub for it.

Aleksej Dolinsek launching the masterpiece on Skike rollers for the very first time.

Aleksej Dolinsek, Damjan Zabovnik, Vid Plevnik (head of development at Pipistrel), Gregor Veble (head of research at Pipistrel).