Eivie II

Designed in 2002 by Damjan Zabovnik, design finalized in 2003, built in 2004 for Damjan Zabovnik.

Key features:

  • CdA = 0.0155m2 (for 172 cm tall Damjan Zabovnik)
  • Cranks length 170mm
  • rider goes backwards (again), head first and lying on his back and uses a mirror for navigation
  • Driving wheel positioned just behind the cranks
  • Cable steering
  • 17″ front wheel, 26″ rear wheel


Damjan poses after making his world record for low-altitude flying 200 meters sprint. The record is still valid today:


Graph from 200 meters sprint course, Battle Mountain 2006.

Graph from Dekra Test Oval 2008 when Damjan set the world record for 1 hour time trial going 87,11 km/h.