Eivie I

Designed by Damjan Zabovnik and co-designed by Leon Plestenjak, Rado Kikelj and Matjaž Leskovar in 2001, built in 2002 for Matjaž Leskovar.

Key features:

  • CdA = 0.02m2 (built for 181 cm tall Matjaž Leskovar)
  • Cranks length 170mm
  • 1st fast bike where rider goes backwards, head first and lying on his back and uses a mirror for navigation
  • Driving wheel positioned just behind the cranks
  • Cable steering
  • 17″ front wheel, 28″ rear wheel

Graph from 200 meters sprint course, Battle Mountain 2003. Notice that Damjan Zabovnik, skiny test pilot at that time pushed this big bicycle built for Matjaž Leskovar so fast.