2014-09-12 – evening

I accelerated fast, compared to Rik Houvers who went almost fast enough for the world speed record.  I was only 2 km/h slower at distances 1km, 2km, 3km and 4km after the start (We made comparison of our speed graphs later). When I made comparison with a simulation that I did before WHPSC 2014, the graph matched very well or was even above my planned speed to get the world speed record.

After good 4 kilometers I lost the chain from the chainring as I tried to shift from 4th to 5th gear too abruptly.  We went back to the start on deck in the 3rd heat, but couldn’t go, as all 5 riders started with no delay. I just improved the gearing and believe the chain will not come off like today again.

P.S. : On the graph GPS added 200 meters as an error, when I was packed into the bike for 11 minutes.

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